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I feel unwelcomed.

2010-01-31 18:38:10 by CharmyNutty

Its my first 3 days here and everybody hates me for no reason. Is it because i don't make flash stuff? Is it because i have a low level? Is it because i draw bad? I really don't know.

This site...

2010-01-31 00:43:50 by CharmyNutty

I think this site should have fan-fictions. I'm not good at making flashes, arts and all that crap. But i really am a good writer.

He reminds me of a guy from a TV Sitcom "Full House". Seriously.

WTF?! This flash thing shouldn't be posted at newgrounds. If you havent finished, don't post it.

Okay, this is kinda funny. While i was checking out Newgrounds, there was this game on the left called Neverland...That's the name of Michael Jackson's amusement park! XD

Oh i forgot to introduce myself. I'm CharmyNutty, and i'm just not like the rest of the Newground members. I like cute and furry i am not gay.

I also don't know how to make any flah games. If any of you can help me out, i'll be your best friend.